AL200 Auto Lensometer
The AL200 is the only auto lensometer that utilizes a horizontal design, similar to the manual lensmeters that many users are accustomed to.
Auto Phoroptor RS™
With its precise engineering and outstanding peformance, the Reichert Ultramatic RX Master Phoroptor has been the leading name in refraction for more than 80 years.
Foresee PHP® - Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter
New treatments for Wet AMD are now available that can preserve, and in some cases, return lost vision to patients.
Ocular Response Analyzer
The Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) is the only instrument in the world capable of measuring Corneal Hysteresis (CH);
Reichert 7 Auto Tonometer
With a number of new features, including an easy to navigate touch screen interface and multiple-measurement mode, Reichert 7 will be a welcome addition to your practice.